We are one of the largest manufacturers of EUR-EPAL pallets both in Poland and in the Central and Eastern Europe. Our production capacity reaches 3,600,000 EUR-EPAL pallets per year, which is why we are among the leading manufacturers of this most standardised product.

Thanks to the high quality of our pallets, our excellent personnel and our individual approach to each customer, we have become a business partner to more than 750 companies. We supply both global, international companies with plants located throughout Europe as well as domestic family businesses.

Many years of experience in the production of pallets and highly automated production processes have allowed us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers in the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

The trust we have gained and the partnership approach have resulted in the long-term cooperation in pallet supplies to Polish and foreign FMCG market leaders.



The EUR-PAL 1200x800mm pallets play a key role in production processes and transport. They are able to bear loads of up to 4 tons in the case of static storage and 1.5 tons of working (dynamic) load. Therefore the EUR-EPAL pallet must comply with a number of standards set by the licensing authority - EPAL. Thus, a EUR-EPAL pallet consists of:

  • 11 pallet boards of the first grade only, (sharp-edged, without blue stains, mould, bark or flakes),
  • 9 sawdust or solid wood support blocks,
  • 81 EPAL licensed nails,
  • 1 licensed staple driven into the centre support block

The EPAL pallet moisture content after the phytosanitary process does not exceed 22% and the pallet itself also bears the manufacturer's licence number, the year and month of production as well as the designation from the register of companies meeting phytosanitary requirements, i.e. ISPM 15 thermal treatment.
In the case of our company, these licences include: PL – 119 and PL – 24 837