About us

A leading manufacturer - we produce 300,000 pallets per month

Many years of experience in sales to the largest customers in Europe

Modern and very efficient dry rooms ensuring perfect conditions for phytosanitary treatment and high durability of pallets

Very short lead times even for the most non-standard wooden packaging

Sawdust brackets manufactured on site allow for quality control at each stage of the process, from the raw material to the end-product

Fully automated and modern production process ensuring perfect repeatability of products

Easy adaptation of process lines to production of non-standard pallets

A good team of employees with many years of experience who understand specific nature of the industry and have excellent relations with customers

High trust among Polish and foreign customers

The highest concern for the safety of employees at every stage of production


------- We produce 300000
------- -------

pallets per month


Wooden pallets are, contrary to appearances, an invention with a relatively short history. The first copies were made in the middle of the last century. Their application was limited to transport of various goods by means of forklifts, thus the size had to be unified. Currently, euro pallets are still used mainly by...



Looking for a job? We are looking for production workers at wooden pallets and chipped-wood support lines. We guarantee stable employment, development opportunities and attractive salaries.

Vacant positions:
1. Operator – Pallet & Support Production Line
2. Forklift Operator...


Starting from August 20, 2018, another production line for wooden pallets will be launched in the new headquarters of the company in Wola (District of Pszczyna).

Thanks to the long-term investments in the new headquarters, modern production halls and lines for pallets and supports that...


On May 10-11, 2018, the 5th Pallet Conference of PKN Epal took place.

The conference was opened by the President of PKN Epal - Roman Malicki, who presented the current situation of PKN Epal in Poland and in Europe. According to the statistics, the year 2017...