The worldwide pandemic virus is a huge challange for our society and our economy. Therefore, it is  important to us to be a reliable partner not only for our customers but also for our employees and suppliers.

As one of the largest pallet manufacturers operating on the Polish market, we use the business model developed by our company related to such difficult circumstances: through ensuring and maintaining high stock levels of sawdust, nails and pallet blanks we are able to be independent from our external suppliers for many weeks.

For the protection of our employees, we have developed a pandemic plan consisting of clear rules respected by everyone. Access to our plant is limited to what is necessary, business travelling completely suspended and remote working implemented, where possible. The entire company has applied appropriate hygiene measures to reduce the risk of virus spreading. In order to ensure that the necessary measures are in place, we raise awarness among our employees of the application of safeguard measures, on a regular basis, such as regular hand hygiene, etc. We also provide all help and assistance that we can during this period.   

Our team is motivated and would like to do their best so that everyone could emerge stronger from the current situation. In this context, we are most proud of being able to maintain existing production capacity, thereby supporting our business partners.