Currently, wood pellet is one of the most popular renewable fuels. It is a perfect solution anywhere cleanliness, comfort, cost-effectiveness and environmental aspects are required by the user. Wood granulate is also ideal fuel for industry, including industrial and production facilities and heat and power plants which are obliged to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), harmful substances and dust into the atmosphere. It is a modern and ecological alternative to traditional fuels therefore it is also a preferred product intended for use in household stoves.

We offer pellet in packaging of:

  • 20 kg
  • 300 kg
  • 1000 kg
  • 2000 kg
  • 3000 kg
  • as well as in bulk

Pellet properties:

  • dry (7 -12 % moisture content)
  • packed into air tight foil bags
  • free from dust, sawdust, bark and crushed pellet
  •  uniform dimensions

Pellet with the diameter of  6 – 8 mm is recommended for use in minor heating appliances, whereas pellet with the diameter of  8 – 12 mm is recommended for bigger and industrial burners.


Pellet 20kg

Pellet 300 kg

Pellet 1000 kg

Pellet 2000kg

Pellet 3000 kg