Pallet blocks

The functionality of pallets depends to a great extent on support distribution. Our offer includes among others: sawdust supports (the most popular), round supports and half-round supports (used mainly for single-use pallets or for those offering lower loading capacity). Various sizes of pallet supports allow for various types of loads to be handled. Supports are made of the best quality wood chips obtained from sawmills and factories specialized in manufacture of wooden furniture.

Sawdust supports are extruded from chips; thus, their structure is more compact than in case of cut wooden supports. That’s what makes them:

- durable with an unchanging shape and no cracks through the use;
- ecological and environmentally friendly;
- more profitable;
- it is possible to extrude any shape;
- their production is practically waste-free;

Licensed manufacturer of pallet supports according to UIC 435-2.

In order to provide our customers with the highest quality of the final product, we decided to make pallet supports - one of the most important elements of the pallet – of chipped wood. Check our offer: