We believe that the greatest value and uniqueness of our company lies in its Employees. It is thanks to their efforts that we can constantly set new standards of service and quality for our products. In SAS Group, we take care to constantly raise the bar in setting new goals. We wish to be better and more effective in every area of our business activity. We attach great importance to development ­­­­– both of the organization and its Employees because we believe that the continuous process of innovation and improvement is the only way for us to be able to become the company we want to be. We strive to ensure that our customers never have to worry about timely and trouble-free deliveries of our pallets. It is our wish that, by choosing our company as a supplier, they are able to fully focus on what is most important in their organisation. In order to do so, we do our best to build strong and durable relationships with all our partners - Customers and Suppliers, knowing that only mutual trust can result in a long-term cooperation.



Teamwork is the pillar of our corporate culture. We believe that each employee is responsible for their continuous self-development and the development of others as well as of the entire company. We share knowledge and learn from one another. We promote mutual respect, an open exchange of ideas and continuous improvement of skills.


As a wood processing company, we are well aware of how important it is to use available natural resources such as forests in a responsible way. That is why we have decided to go for the PEFC certification. The certificate which we have obtained proves that the whole tree cycle, from felling in the forest to the final product such as our pallet, is verified at every stage and guarantees that the wood comes only from legal, properly managed and renewable sources.


Since our production plant started its operation in Wola, the borough of Miedźna, we have decided to support many local initiatives in the area of sports, education and social issues. We believe that being a responsible company involves not only the company’s business performance but also building a strategy that takes into account the interests of the local community and environment. The vast majority of our employees come from local communities and that is why it is even more important for us to have a good cooperation with local entities and initiators of local events.


Our main objective is to deliver high quality pallets while maintaining the highest safety standards. This is a non-stop effort consisting in a continuous analysis of risks and potential hazards that may affect the safety of our employees. Training, research and procedures are designed to protect our employees from accidents. We have been consistently implementing programmes to improve working conditions and safety; we have been implementing procedures to prevent accidents. The requirements that we set for ourselves are aimed at increasing the level of safety of our employees, as well as the entire plant.