The 5th Pallet Conference PKN EPAL May 10-11, 2018

On May 10-11, 2018, the 5th Pallet Conference of PKN Epal took place.

The conference was opened by the President of PKN Epal - Roman Malicki, who presented the current situation of PKN Epal in Poland and in Europe. According to the statistics, the year 2017 closed with a record production of almost 25.5 million pieces of pallets, which means an increase of 6% compared to 2016. The presentation also pointed out the new types of pallets that EPAL introduces on the market - CP chemical pallets and EPAL7 half-pallets, which were reactivated in 2018.
There are as many as nine new types of chemical pallets, with various dimensions, all receiving phytosanitary treatment and verified by Bureau Veritas. Half-pallets EPAL7 respond to the market needs after withdrawal of popular DHP pallets. At present, negotiations are pending regarding sale of EPAL7 pallets through the network of discounts. Another important issue was the engagement of PKN Epal in the development of the Polish Group of Wooden Packaging Manufacturers, which brings together the whole industry of wooden packaging in Poland.
A very interesting presentation was given by the German representatives of the Frauenhofer Institute - Mr. Philipp Wrycza and Mr. Michael Koscharnyj. They presented an intelligent EPAL palette as a response to the challenge of Economy 4.0. The intelligent EPAL palette, also called Palette 4.0, will be equipped with a transceiver device that will allow you to track its path and all activities (e.g. pallet repairs) and to keep necessary records about products that are handled on such pallets. The on-line communication system will allow for more efficient use of wooden pallets and their full identification will prevent mistakes upon receipt and release. It will also prevent counterfeit as each pallet will have its own unique identification number and will be registered in the overall palette trading system.

The conference ended with a lecture given by Andrzej Noskowiak, PhD on blue stain and mould – an issue that received a great deal of attention among pallet users.