In addition to the pallets themselves, we are also a manufacturer of pallet components. Licensed EPAL pallet support blocks made from chipped wood go through a number of internal and external quality control processes to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Our support blocks meet all strength requirements, which has been confirmed many times in tests carried out by the Institute of Wood Technology, and the results of these tests are available for the interested parties.

The support blocks manufactured by us are:

  • Ecological,
  • Extremely durable,
  • Waste-free.

Licensed manufacturer of pallet support blocks according to the UIC 435-2 standard.

Sawdust is the most important raw material used in the production of the support blocks. It is their purity and structure that determine the appearance and durability of the entire pallet in its later life stage.

While keeping this in mind, our factory has applied a very restrictive purchasing policy regarding this raw material.
Moreover, sawdust delivered by sawmills which collaborate with us is first screened several times through special sieves before it enters the drying process and then the production process. This way we can be sure that the final product in the form of the support block will be a completely compact structure free from later cracks and resistant to crumbling.


145 x 100 x 78 sawdust support block


Sawdust support block, also referred to as sawdust blocks, extruded from high quality sawdust chips, sized 145 x 100 x 78.

One pallet of sawdust support blocks contains 1440 pcs.

145 x 145 x 78 sawdust support blocks


Sawdust support blocks sized 145 x 145 x 78. The support blocks are extruded from high quality sawdust chips.

One pallet of sawdust support blocks contains 960 pcs.